Younes Travel Agency was established in 1946 by Edmond Younes Sr. in the historic capital of Beirut as a premier service provider for Lebanese travelers and immigrants around the world. In the mid 70's, local travel focus shifted towards Africa and the Arab world, and again we continued to support our clients with their growing demands. Post the civil war years, we steadily began to diversify our corporate model from a ticketing office into a national travel consultant for both the individual and corporate travel sectors and in 2003, an 'incoming-outgoing' department was added to our team along with new services covering charters, tailor-made corporate services and honeymoon travel solutions. Today, Robert and Joyce Younes continue to focus on a winning formula: deliver innovative travel solutions that satisfy YTA customer needs and shifting trends

YTA family business was born in 1946. Since, we have consistently built a proud reputation for our services and worked tirelessly to create unforgettable travel moments in the minds and hearts of our customers. We aim to ethically grow and build long term partnerships with our customers and partners within the MEA region. We take to heart our customers’ travel experience and promise to live to their expectations.

Our vision is to be the reference in customer service excellence, commitment for detail, and our continuous determination in developing innovative and ethical solutions for our clients
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